LIFE equips hospitals with a modern, intuitive, secure and cost-effective solution to effectively manage the risks associated with critical procedures in hospital pharmacies.

Hospital management

Measures the effectiveness of risk reduction:

  • A dynamic representation of the preparation procedure, in accordance with the agreed level of compliance (preparation and validation flow, status and preparation list, control results)
  • A fully dematerialized control procedure with guaranteed traceability
  • Automated control ensures consistency and detects possible errors (poor concentration / prescription / dispensing method / medical device)
  • Real gain in control effectiveness.

Pharmaceutical management

Improves the supervision and performance of drug circuit macro processes, from receipt of the prescription to administration of the drug to the patient, with a view to:

  • Reduce risk exposure levels
  • Measure and optimize the performance of drug circuit processes
  • Ensure compliance under regulations
  • Improve visibility and control of the business to ensure management, using real-time performance indicators.


Management of the hospital structure, medical resources and assets

Staff, departments and services of the hospital, medical products, etc.

Management dashboards, incorporating relevant indicators

Risk, control, procedure, medical impact, cost, etc.

Production of rich and complete reports

Hospitalization follow-up, stock assessment, etc.

Improvement of current tools and processes, using automated and dematerialized solutions

Integrated by means of control procedures and full traceability of each of the actions.

Management of hospital procedures

Manufacturing protocols, manufacturing, validation and conservation.

Accessible from anywhere, anytime using laptops and mobile devices

Customer Reviews

Mutual of Ivry (the Fraternelle), hereafter MIF, is a mutual governed by the Code of Mutuality which markets products of saving, retirement insurance and provident insurance with more than 66,000 members. Assets under management amounted to approximately 1.5 billion euros, for a turnover of around 275 million euros. To cope with strong growth and the demands of its customers, it has launched a vast project to modernize its IS.

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