Industries & Services

Autonomous Port of Kribi, Cameroon port complex.

- Assistance to the project owner for the development and implementation of a port information system.

French company of services to the person.

- Creation of an intranet and electronic management of documents.

Central African Backbone

- Design and realization of the website.
- Pilot project of Internet access study in the universities of Yaoundé1, Bamenda and Maroua.

CRM solution marketed by the French company INNOVSOFT

- Design Achievement SEO Website.

National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Cameroonian society of normative and control studies.

- Audit SI development of an IT master plan.

Anonimous society of Cameroon breweries, subsidiary of the French group Castel.

- Performance audit of the SABC ODOO platform.

French company specialized in the manufacture of mayonnaise, mustard and sauces.

- Application of logistic traceability downstream of production.

Central African Forest Commission, an international organization for the conservation and management of forest ecosystems.

- Design and development of an intranet and extranet portal.

Society of Press and Editions of Cameroon

- Realization of the IT master plan.

Agricultural Research Institute for Development, Cameroonian society of scientific research.

- Configuration and deployment of the MULTIGEST solution for the GED.

Banks & Insurance

Subsidiary of the Malakoff Médéric group, a French insurance company on life.

- Application of management of the astreintes.

Popular Savings and Investment Bank, a Cameroonian microfinance company.

- Project management assistance for the Delta Bank migration.

General Mutual of Railwaymen, French Mutual Health and Provident.

- Integration and pooling of services.

Mutual Ivry - the Fraternal, French life insurance company, pension, supplementary pension, relief, pension.

- SOA architecture web portal CRM members.

African Community Credit, Cameroon bank.

- Management of the computer park.

Range of real estate and consumer loans distributed by the French company SOFIAP.

- Integration and pooling of services.

Education & Research

International organization to educate all children in the poorest countries.

- Design realization hosting SEO website.

Research In Applied Microeconomics, Cameroon Research Center.

- Website design realization.

National School of Administration and Judiciary of Cameroon.

- Administrative management software and biometric security.

Public Administrations

Ministry of Forests and Wildlife of Cameroon.

- Design of an application for the management of the internal market of Cameroonian wood.

Cameroon Airport, management company of the seven concession airports.

- Development of a computer charter.

Ministry of Transport of Cameroon.

- Implementation of a central database of road safety data management.
- Digitization of archives and establishment of a modern database.

Ministry of Economy, Planning and Spatial Planning of Cameroon.

- Deployment of the MULTIGEST solution and development of the web portal.

Ministry of Communication of Cameroon.

- Design and development of the virtual press agency.

Ministry of External Relations of Cameroon.

- Development of the Master Plan.

Promotion Mission of Local Materials Cameroon.

- ERP for financial and accounting management.

Ministry of Secondary Education.

- Dematerialization of documents.

Ministry of Finance of Cameroon.

- Deployment of the TALEND-ETL platform for the integration of administrative data.

Ministry of Commerce of Cameroon.

- Conception realization SEO web portal.

Aeronautic Authority of Cameroon, company of regulation and economic supervision of the aeronautical activities.

- Implementation of a virtual infrastructure (VMware).

Cameroon Yaoundé Urban Community.

- Application of management of follow-up and instructions of the requests of the acts of urbanism.

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cameroon.

- Design and development of the local content development web platform.
- Realization of the master plan.

General Hospital of Yaoundé Cameroon.

- Application of management of the patient file and administrative management.

Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy and Crafts of Cameroon.

- Study on document management and digital archiving.

Ministry of Health of Cameroon.

- Conception realization SEO web portal.

Africa Caribbean Pacific.

- Development of the application for the information system for forest taxation.

Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development of Cameroon.

- Design realization SEO web portal.

Ministry of Higher Education of Cameroon.

- Electronic management of administrative correspondence.


Cameroon Telecommunication

- Assistance for project management DATACENTER project.

Telecommunications Regulatory Agency.

- Digital archiving.

Guinean telecommunication company.

- SEO website development.

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