Excess papers

  • Your mail service overwhelmed
  • You receive a lot of documents (papers, e-mails, faxes)
  • Your storage space is limited
  • You must share documents between multiple services
  • You can not find your documents easily


  • Productivity gain
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Decrease in paper storage costs
  • Securing documents
  • Quick search of documents
  • Ease of information sharing

Our solution

For the Electronic Management of your Documents, we put at your disposal 2 indissociable elements:

  • The expertise of our engineers, documentalists and archivists
  • The choice of a software solution: MULTIGEST WEB of EFALIA


An integrated approach in 5 key steps:

  • Audit of document management: develop the mapping of your document management and identify strengths and weaknesses to customize your solution
  • Development of manual management tools: implementation of management tools such as: payment slip, filing framework, procedures manual, processing sheet
  • Manual processing of your documents: a specialized team for the physical and intellectual treatment of documents
  • Design of research instruments: optimization of search time according to access rights
  • Electronic document processing: guarantee durability, reversibility, communication, traceability, data protection and legal archiving
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